Municipal & Emergency
These POLICE, FIRE and MEDICAL listings are for your general information.
The direct numbers and addresses are NOT guaranteed to be up-to-date.


The Bolton Police Department is headquartered in the new Bolton Public Safety building the former fire department lot at 15 Wattaquadock Hill Rd, Bolton, MA 01740, a stone's throw south of Route 117.  Their web page on the Bolton town site is:

(978) 897-4545

Stow PD BadgeThe Stow Police HQ is at 305 Great Rd (Rt 117), Stow, MA 01775 which is roughly 2/3 the way from Bolton to Maynard. Their website is on the Stow town site at:




The Bolton Fire Department operates from the new Bolton Safety Building at 15 Wattaquadock Hill Rd, Bolton, MA 01740. This is the same lot that was solely occupied by the Bolton FD prior to 2012.  They now have a web page on the Town of Bolton website which replaces a previous dedicate site. The picture is from the previous site.
Once, a part-time service, the Bolton Amabulance service is now a bit more more formally ogrnazined and associated with new Public Safety building on Wattaquadoc Road, a 100 yards south of Main St (Rt-117).  Always call 911 for the best emergency response.

Local Area


Clinton, MA
About 4 miles
or about 10 min.
Clinton Hospital, UMH  (WebSite) (Directions)
201 Highland St, Clinton, MA  01510-1096
Tel: (978) 368-3000
Marlborough, MA
About 6 miles
or about 15 min.
Marlborough Hospital - UMMHC  (WebSite) (Directions)
157 Union St, Marlborough, MA 01752
Tel: (508) 481-5000
Concord, MA
About 12 miles
or about 20 mins.
Emerson Hospital  (WebSite) (Directions)
Rt-2 at
133 Old Rd to 9 Acre Corner, Concord, MA  01742
Tel: (978) 369-1400
Leominster, MA
About 11 miles
or about 22 min.
UMass Memorial - HealthAlliance Hospital
UMass Mem Med Ctr - Leominster  (WebSite)  (Directions)
60 Hospital Rd.,PO Box 2004, Leominster, MA  01453-2205
Tel: (978) 466-2000
Worcester, MA
About 14 miles
or about 25 min.
UMass Mem Med Ctr - Worcester (WebSite)  (Directions)
55 Lake Ave. North, Worcester, MA  01655
Tel: (508) 856-3962 / 3511 Emergency
Worcester, MA
About 14 miles
or about 25 min.
Saint Vincent Hospital  (WebSite)  (Directions)
20 Worcester Center Blvd, Worcester, MA 01608
Tel: (508) 363-5000 / 6025 Emergency
Ayer, MA
About 15 miles
or about 25 min.
Nashoba Valley Medical Center (Website)  (Directions)
200 Groton Rd, Ayer, MA 01432
Tel: (978) 784-9000


Bolton Public Library
Located just west of Watoquadoc Rd, on Main St (R117), the library is beautiful example of gothic influence. 

Built with funds from Anna & Emma Whitney in 1903, the Bolton Public Library serves the community with a selection of over 15,000 items in its 1,400 s.f. space, with books, periodicals, CD's, videos, and DVD's.  They even have the latest hit movies. 

The library also provides several computers for research and has a high-speed Internet link from AT&T Broadband.  It is a member of the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System and is connected to C/W Mars, a library network serving central and western Mass.

The library is supported through public donations coordinated by The Friends of the Bolton Public Library.  See their entry under Groups.  This synopsis was provided by the library which also has a page on the Bolton Government site at,

   Kelly Collins, Director
   PO Box 188, Bolton, MA 01740
   Tel: (978) 779-2839
Library Hours:
   Always call to be sure.
   Weekdays: 10 am - 8 pm
   Weekends: Closed

Trash Recycling
Bolton Trasnfer Station and Recycling Center (directions)
The Bolton Department of Public Works operates a public waste transfer and recycling station on Forbush Mill Road (about 1/2 mile south of Rt-117 at Nashoba HS).  As of this update, the station is open at different hours on Wed, Fri, and Sat. 

Disposal fees are based on refuse type.  Compactors are provided for bags of household/kitchen waste which each required a sticker.  There are separate bins for newspapers, mixed papers, plastics and tin cans, glass bottles, cardboard, and two large bins for metals and bulk items.  Speak to the station managers to verify your needs BEFORE you bring anything special. 

Most trash is accepted.  There are special areas for items like batteries and computer displays and some large drop off boxes to donate books and clothing.  If you're new to the area, drop by to get a feel for the layout, learn the simple few rules, and pick up a pricing sheet and schedule.  It's only takes a few trips to get used to the facilities and what goes where. The managers are there to answer questions.  It's always worth the effort.

Kitchen bag stickers are available at Town Hall or can be purchased at the manager's hut with a personal check.  Credit and cash are NOT accepted.  Seniors 65+ can pick up some free kitchen bag stickers each year from Town Hall.  You'll still need to buy a few more if you produce 1 bag per week. 

Check the town website for the station schedule, pricing, and stickers for seniors.
Private Refuse
Pick Up Service

Waste Management Service

Waste Management of Central Massachusetts (Private)
124 Hartwell Street, W. Boylston, MA 01583, (508) 835-6001

For those who are incapacitated or housebound, the global refuse company, Waste Management, provides curbside pickup on city roads and streets in the Nashoba region.  For about $30/month (as of 2000), they provide a container they empty once per week which can hold 4-6 30 gallons bags.  That's 16-20 bags per month. 

If your refuse needs are low - such as 1 bag per week (4 per month) - that's less than $10/month to use the transfer station and $30+ for WM.   However, if you are invalid or have a large family that produces a lot of trash, with 3 bags/week, it's a break even.  Caveat: Since many home owners live on hills off of common driveways, you'll have to drive your bags to the main street.  If that's the case, you might as well drive a few more minutes and go directly to the transfer station.  WM does bulk pickups but the prices are steep and the arrangements are not clear.  So, try to use the transfer station.

Electric Power
Electric Power
National Grid (Massachusetts) (formerly Massachusetts Electric).  This is the monpoly power supplier in mostof the Nashoba region so there's not much to say other than to beware of the scams claiming significant cost savings on electricity at a lower rate than NG.  Like the phone system, there is only one company the runs the wires and that's NG.  If you have a power problem and are paying a 3rd party reseller, it doesn't take much brain power to guess what priority NG will give your trouble call.