Apart from the expected dearth of local rags (à la Bolton Common), area residents have
an endless list of print, net, radio, TV and streaming media from local and global providers. 
A sample list of traditional media is provided below (and likely be out-of-date when you read it)!

Print or Web News Rags
Web News
Newspapers (Printed & Online)
Web Site Area Served Comments
Bolton (WickedLocal) Bolton Subsite of WickedLocal.com
Lancaster (WickedLocal)Lancaster Subsite of WickedLocal.com
Harvard (WickedLocal) Harvard Subsite of WickedLocal.com
Stow (WickedLocal) Stow Subsite of WickedLocal.com
Clinton (WickedLocal) Clinton Subsite of WickedLocal.com
Boston Globe Boston Area Boston's pre-eminent organ
Boston Business Journal Boston Area Boston Business Journal
Boston Herald Boston Area Boston's Other Organ
Metrowest Daily News Boston West News from west of Boston
Worcester Telegram & Gazette Worcester Worcester news organ
Worcester Business Journal Worcester Worcester business articles
MassLive MA+Springfield Sprinfield MA news/events

FM Radio Stations
Over the Air (OTA)

FM Transmitter Radio Stations
FM Stations (over the air)
Call Sign MHz Miles City School/Org Format
WFCR 88.541.9Amhearst, MAUM AmhearstPublic Radio
WERS 88.928.7Boston, MAEmerson CCollege
WQPH 89.312.6Shirley, MAReligious
WGBH 89.729.6Boston, MAPublic Radio
WJXP 90.114.5Fitchburg, MAChristian Contemporary
WICN 90.517.4Worcester, MAJazz
WBUR 90.921.5Boston, MABoston UPublic Radio
WAVM 91.78.0Maynard, MAMaynard HSGrade School (K-12)
WTYN 91.711.3Lunenburg, MAReligious
WUMG 91.78.0Stow, MAUM BostonAdult Album Alternative
WBPR 91.917.4Worcester, MAUM BostonFolk
WPRO 92.344.1Providence, RITop-40
WXRV 92.534.7Andover, MAAdult Album Alternative
WBOS 92.927.4Brookline, MAAlternative
WEEI 93.732.3Lawrence, MASports
WHJY 94.143.8Providence, RIRock
WJMN 94.521.5Boston, MAHip Hop
WHRB 95.328.7Cambridge, MAHarvard UCollege
WZID 95.737.8Manchester, NHAdult Contemporary
WSRS 96.117.5Worcester, MAAdult Contemporary
WBQT 96.927.4Boston, MAUrban Contemporary
WKAE 97.729.6Brockton, MARock
WBZ 98.521.5Boston, MASports
WCRB 99.524.9Lowell, MAClassical
WWFX 100.120.2Southbridge, MAClassic Hits
WZLX 100.727.4Boston, MAClassic Rock
WGIR 101.137.7Manchester, NHRock
WBWL 101.728.7Lynn, MACountry
WKLB 102.520.8Waltham, MACountry
WODS 103.321.5Boston, MATop-40
WBMX 104.127.4Boston, MAHot AC
WXLO 104.512.2Fitchburg, MAHot AC
WWLI 105.144.1Providence, RIAdult Contemporary
WPKZ (W287BT) 105.316.0Fitchburg, MATalk
WROR 105.727.4Framingham, MAClassic Hits
WFNQ 106.323.3Nashua, NHClassic Hits
WMJX 106.727.4Boston, MAAdult Contemporary
WAAF 107.38.9Westborough, MARock
WXKS 107.927.4Medford, MATop-40

AM Radio Stations
Over the Air (OTA)

AM Transmitters
AM Station
AM Stations (Over the Air)
Call Sign KHz Miles Location Format
WSJW550 38.2Pawtucket, RIReligious
WTAG580 12.9Worcester, MANews/Talk
WEZE590 26.6Boston, MAReligious
WPRO630 48.0Providence, RINews/Talk
WSRO650 13.6Ashland, MAEthnic
WRKO680 20.2Boston, MATalk
WVNE760 27.3Leicester, MAReligious
WNNW800 26.8Lawrence, MASpanish
WCRN830 21.1Worcester, MATalk
WEEI850 20.5Boston, MASports
WAMG890 16.0Dedham, MASpanish
WROL950 31.2Boston, MAReligious
WFGL960 15.5Fitchburg, MAReligious
WCAP980 19.6Lowell, MANews/Talk
WCMX1000 8.9Leominster, MAReligious
WBZ1030 38.9Boston, MANews
WQOM1060 16.0Natick, MAReligious
WILD1090 27.3Boston, MAAsian
WBNW1120 9.2Concord, MABusiness News
WWDJ1150 20.3Boston, MASpanish
WXKS1200 23.7Newton, MABusiness News
WNEB1230 15.8Worcester, MAReligious
WPKZ1280 16.0Fitchburg, MATalk
WORC1310 18.3Worcester, MASpanish
WVEI1440 15.9Worcester, MASports
WAZN1470 20.3Watertown, MAEthnic
WMEX1510 21.1Boston, MATalk
WNTN1550 19.4Newton, MAVariety

TV Stations
Over the Air (OTA)

 TV Transmitter TV Set
TV Stations (over the air)
The stations below transmit over the air (OTA) as well as by cable or satellite. They should all be receivable with a good antenna mounted high with a clear eastern view (some even with just set top "rabbit ears"). 

Since HDTV broadcasts are digital, they are easier to receive over greater distances because their transmissions consist only of 1's and 0's.  As long as the receiver can sense the 1's or 0's, a perfectly clear picture can be produced.  The picture information in older analog signals relied on minute changes in signal strength so the slightest perturbations of strength resulted in noise or no picture at all.

If on a tight budget and network programming will suffice, try using an indoor HDTV antenna.  For even better results, try mounting it higher up, either outside or try the attic.  You may be surprised how well even cheap rabbit ears work on the larger nearby stations. No ghosts and no noise.
Call Sign OTA Channel Target Area Network
WGBH 2 Boston PBS
WBZ 4 Boston CBS
WCVB 5 Boston ABC
WHDH 7 Boston NBC
WFXT 25 Boston Fox
WUNI 27 Worcester Uni
WBPX 32   Pax
WNEU 34   Tele
WNDS 35 Independent
WSBK 38 Boston UPN
WLVI 41   WB
WWDP 52   Independent
WLVI 56 Boston WB
WGBY 57 Springfield PBS
WAVM 61 Maynard H.S. Local
WMFP 62 Lawrence Shop
WHSH 66 Marlborough HSN
WBPX 68 Boston Pax
Cable TV &
Internet Providers

Cable Providers

As of 2015, the only provider in Bolton. They carry medium-good quality TV (at high compression to squeeze more on cable), Internet speeds from a very slow 3mbps to ultra fast to 2,000 mbps in the near future.  They also have voice services which review well but still cannot replace plain old copper lines for emergencies when the power fails.  Cable phones, like Voice Over IP go down without power while older copper line phones work without power.  Comcast was once a joke but haver steadily improved in all areas - but their TV quality still falls short. However, they claim to be laying more optical fibre tocompete with Verizon's FiOS services.  Fibre can carry high data loads without heavy compression.

Verizon FiOS
Almost made it to Bolton but the deal took too long to initiate and Verizon stopped build outs so Bolton got left out. Interested parties shold visit the Verizon FiOS site and list themselves as interested in getting FiOS without any obligation. It's better for pricing to have a choice of providers.
Satellite TV
Satellite Providers
Leading provider of highest quality TV signal across the US with massive content, including the newer, bandwidth hungry 3D and 4K content. Bought by ATT in June 2015 for better or worse.  Also note that all satellite providers are at the mercy of the weather.  However, with an accurately aligned antenna of the newer larger design, one can typically expect a loss of signal only a few times per year for a period of less than 30 minutes.  For example, during a massive snow storm when you should be worrying about other things, like your roof collapsing. Couch potatoes who watch more than 8 hours per day may notice more!  Hint!
Dish Network Low cost satellite alternative but with lower quality and a much smaller list of channels.