GoogleFar and away, THE BEST search engine for finding web sites.
BingMicrosoft's very capable search site. Google's only real competitor.
YahooEngine. One of the first.  Find by categories or keyword.
AltavistaAlso portal. Advanced page allows Boolean searches.
Askaka "Ask Jeeves" search engine. Accepts simple questions.
Northern LightLarge text search facility.  Finds sites, news, articles.
ExciteEngine. Portal and search engine.
HotbotEngine. Subsidiary site of Lycos. By category or keyword.
GoNew home of former Infoseek.  Engine with categories like Yahoo.
LycosSearch Engine and Portal.  One of the first.  Similar to Yahoo.
SnapSearch Engine and Portal.
AboutDatabase of topics maintained by topical experts.
Look SmartSearch engine. By category or keywords.
GoToSimple search site. By categories or keywords.
SearchC|Net network search page.  By categories or keywords.
FindHeavily categorized search site.  Accepts keywords, too.
Web CrawlerEngine with categories. One of the first.

SwitchboardFind people, businesses, and maps. Portal style.
WhoWhereFind email, phone, address, web site (many ways).
AnyWhoAT&T site. Find people or business (many ways).
411Find people, businesses, places, phones (many ways).
Canada 411Find people and businesses in Canada.
White PagesFinds people, area codes, zip codes.
Yellow PagesFind businesses by type or name.
Big YellowFind people or businesses by type or name.

WEATHER(page top)
The Weather ChannelWeb version of the TV weather channel.
Weather UndergroundGood weather information resource.
IntellicastGood weather info site. Often used by the media.
YahooWeather site sponsored by the Yahoo search.
MSNBCWeather site sponsored by MSNBC.

Google MapsMap addresses. Get directions. Optional satellite
Yahoo MapsMap addresses. Get directions. A Yahoo site.
Bing MapsMap addresses. Get Directions. Optional satellite view.
MapQuestMap addresses. Get directions.
Expedia MapsMap addresses.  Get directions. An Expedia site.