Incorporated in 1738, the Town Government of Bolton is seated in Bolton Town Hall on Main Street, Route 117, about 1 mile west of I-495.  Bolton operates in a manner similar to the classic New England town meeting and operates its own municipal website

The town website is now the source for almost all civic information and is in its 4th generation.  It evolved from a laudable effort by local Tech, Ed Sterling, then was morphed into a private commerical site courtesy of Amaranth Networks, then was replaced by the donation of a full featured local information site run by Bolton's Multipath, and the current version as of this writing is hosted by a 3rd party town site hoster whose platform serves many towns. The current domain name was donated by Tom Kashuba of Bolton's Multipath Networks.

For Better ... or Worse ... It's Up to You!
Small town government is as powerful as its citizens can have with direct control of their town.  ANY resident, private or commercial, can influence the town.  Thus, it behooves every resident to attend town meetings to direct their town's well-being and future.  The lesser the participation, the lesser the control over quality of life, and the greater the power of a few with self-serving interests.  Once lost, benefits are near impossible to recover.  It's YOUR future at stake!

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